National Outline Plan 38 Evacuation and Construction

Our firm specializes in representing apartment owners, entrepreneurs and representatives of condominiums. The firm provides professional legal services, handling and negotiating agreements, with extensive knowledge of complex issues, including taxation, and solutions for realizing the project, while using legal techniques to promote the project. As well as great creativity from life experience in real estate matters and an overall view of the project that increases the chances of its realization.

Legal support and representation of tenants in the project process.
Negotiating for maximum changes.
Purchase of an apartment from a contractor within the framework of a national master plan
Treatment of tenants and defaulters.

The percentage of signatures required – in the project National Outline Plan 38/1 (reinforcement and renovation of the building) requires signatures of at least 67% of the owners of the apartments, who own 67% of the common area. In projects of national master plan 38/2 (demolition) requires the consent of at least 80% of owners of apartments, who own 80% of the common area.
Limiting the time of the contract – sign the entrepreneur for a reasonable time, and can also specify time stations in the agreement, to promote the project and reach an agreement in principle with a contractor who will be presented to tenants and finally sign it after making their comments.
Advance agreement – in the agreement of the parties to the project to sign prior consent for future construction and exploitation of the maximum building rights that each party has and without the consent of the other party, to prevent a situation of thwarting the project with unnecessary objections later on.
Examination of debts on the property – prior to the purchase of a house, whether for the purpose of a national master plan or for a regular purchase, it is also necessary to check the balance of the existing mortgage settlement to the seller and to include in the contract a reference to payment of the debt from the first money transferred by the buyer subject to a warning notice.

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