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Zilca Law Firm specializes in tort claims, in the wake of damage to person, body or property. These claims occur daily in all areas of life. Examples include: damage caused by breach of contract between parties, damage caused by breach of contract of marriage, damage caused by a dog bite, or damage caused by a fall in an improper pavement or from a public nuisance or a nuisance Bad, or theft in kind, damage caused by a defective product, and more.

In respect of the damage, the injured party seeks compensation from the tortfeasor, and in these claims are mainly focused on the questions that are asked:

Is there liability for the damage?
What is the remedy to which the injured party is entitled?
A tort is the legal tool to determine liability in tort, and all the wrongful elements that appear in the law must be proven – otherwise there is no wrong. The law includes several types of tort, such as: the tort of negligence and the tort of breach of statutory duty and specific tort for certain conduct (assault, false imprisonment, trespassing, damage by a dog, harassment of the public, ) Of the Civil Wrongs Ordinance, breach of a marriage contract, strike or suspension – section 622 (b) of the Civil Wrongs Ordinance.

The primary and most common remedy is the remedy of compensation, whose purpose is to restore the injured party to the situation in which it would have occurred had the harmful event not occurred, to compensate for the damage caused. In the framework of the claim, relief can also be requested to reduce or repair the damage by issuing injunction and injunction.

Assessment of the amount of compensation is a complex question and there are many rules for assessing the damage, depending on the damage caused, the fault of the donor of the injured party, and other complex considerations.

In order to prove the responsibility and the necessary remedies, an expert lawyer is required in the field. Our firm specializes in the best interests of the client.

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