car accidents

Zilca Law Firm specializes in the field of road accidents and accompanies the client all along:

• Consulting and customer training.

• Contact insurance companies and negotiate maximizing rights.

• Representation in the courts from the beginning of the procedure to its end.

Representation vis-a-vis the National Insurance Institute

Claims in the field of road accidents are usually very complicated and take years to light in view of the heavy damages that may be caused and the scope of the claim.

Heads of pecuniary damage. for example:
Past and future expenses (medical expenses, travel allowance, third party assistance);
Past and future loss of earnings.
Main damage not assigned:
Pain and suffering (including the subjective aspect of loss of pleasures);
Shortening life expectancy.
In compensation under the Compensation for Road Accident Victims Law, there is absolute liability and therefore there are restrictions on the amount of compensation. For example, it is not possible to demand a loss of earning in an amount exceeding three times the monthly average wage in the economy. Compensation for pain and suffering according to a certain calculation appearing in the law, based on disability percentages, hospitalization days and the age of the injured person.


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