About ZILCA Law Offices

The Zilca law firm was established by the Zilca lawyers, but there are also other lawyers in the firm.

The office is located at 16 Herzog St., Givat Shmuel, and 12 Katznelson St., Kiryat Ono.

Zilca Roni-Yair – Attorney notary and certified mediator. He holds a master’s degree in law and holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He began his career as an intern at the Magistrate’s Court with the Honorable Judge Meir Shenhav in 2003. His office was established as a boutique firm that provides legal service accompanied by personal attention and suitability to every client who has become a firm of honesty, justice and peace. Precedents and successes.

Zilca Eli – Lawyer. Who holds a variety of degrees and qualifications; LL.B., MBA, BSc.EE, Military Service in the Development Department – 8200. He has extensive experience in the high-tech and patent development industry and has extensive experience in the medical field as well. He began his career as an intern at Shai Zohar. Under the guidance of the District Judge Shaul Shohat, has studied the issue of custody and education of children in the eyes of the Court and the Rabbinical Court, and is a volunteer in the legal department of Kiryat Ono, who is committed to justice, peace and thinking outside the box, Legal advantage to the customer