LIFE & Financial agreements

The trend of divorce and civil marriage in Israel, the formulation of a financial agreement and a joint life agreement has become commonplace among married couples. The implementation of this agreement has become an integral part of the marriage and marriage relationship, especially for couples with large economic gaps and for Chapter Two in their lives. The financial agreement is also intended to regulate the understandings between the spouses and to strengthen the security of both sides in connection with property and cohabitation.

Who needs and needs a financial agreement?

The financial agreement allows us to determine what each spouse will receive in a divorce or break the bond. It is advisable to conclude an agreement at the beginning of the relationship to provide peace of mind to the parties and to prevent future clashes in the judicial instances. However, even if you are in advanced and known contact with the public, it is preferable in any case to make a financial agreement before the disputes begin with mutual understanding and before each side will hire the services of the lawyer for wars in the judicial instance.

Therefore, if you are a common-law partner or a single person before marriage or a married couple or divorcees who are trying to establish a new relationship it is very desirable to make a financial and communal agreement

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