Representation by a divorce lawyer may be a critical and influential factor in the results of the process economically and mentally and crucially important to the education of children. Therefore, the earlier you approach the lawyer the better it is to plan strategically and the steps necessary for maximum results for you. Confidentiality – The secession process is crucial. If you are not listening to your statements, you may intentionally or inadvertently spread the word, and eventually you are very likely to reach your spouse or spouse, you may thwart the relative advantage of surprise in the divorce process As it is said, “Keep me from my love and my enemies, I will guard myself.”

Confidentiality – in phone calls or on the Internet, Facebook, text messages and the like. Please note that your spouse or partner automatically records the calls on your mobile device and may block your way or serve as evidence in court against you. In addition, spyware on your home computer that can easily install information such as conversations, cheating confessions, or recording conversations and messages and correspondence with friends may give a significant advantage in the legal instance and only as an example of treason.

Joint bank account – in matters of money must not rely on the other side in any way! Even if your spouse initially says that they want to end without quarrels or peace at home – very often, it is also a tactic to anesthetize the other side and design the proceedings in the background. Very soon the tone and conversation will change when a lawyer stands in the background and outlines the steps for maximizing the benefit of his client. If you have a common bank account and most of us have, it is very desirable to close the bank account at the beginning of the conflict, but if impossible, it is very possible that the other side will empty the account up to the maximum limit of the credit limit, first play at the expense of feeling that he has nothing to eat and wants peace But after a period of time lawyers enter the picture or friends who give the advice of the account will be emptied quickly, gain an economic advantage and even use these funds to finance the lawyer will pay the other side. The absurd absurdity of the surprised couple will also pay for it and lose the advantage of surprise that can be decisive in the process, and of course expect only this time that he will not be able to finance an attorney because the bank account is paralyzed and emptied. So go ahead with a cure and go to a lawyer even if you are considering peace.

In matters of minors, it is very likely that the children will be with the mother under 6 years of age. Of course, applications can be submitted by both sides, but what is ultimately determined by the circumstances is the importance of the court’s decisions. In addition, today the new ruling 919/15 presents an egalitarian approach for parents with a similar salary and similar periods of stay.

Children’s education and vision arrangements – a crucial importance for the courts and representation and the advantage of surprise. For example, when one spouse answers or repeats a question, and before the judicial instance, one religious parent and the other a secular person face a critical divorce procedure for the purpose of the vision and education arrangements. It is strongly recommended that you take medication early and seek advice from a lawyer specializing in this field and plan the steps. The judicial courts are supposed to rule according to the law and the ruling, but in practice there is a critical weight for the judge or sitting judge who rules that there is a gap in the parents’ way of life. The ruling states that the way of life of the children should not be changed after the divorce. However, if you come to the Rabbinical Court – despite the law and the ruling – “the best interests of the child” it will be interpreted that the child will receive a religious education. On the other hand, in the Family Court, the “best interest of the child” will usually be to preserve the way of life of the minor before the divorce.


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