Claim of Ketubah

ketubah Is a binding document and it is important to take it seriously even during the beautiful hours of the wedding, since it actually plays an important role in ending the relationship and divorce. Before making a decision to end the relationship it is very desirable to examine the matter of the Ketubah that can have a material impact on the economic aspect, and the amounts must be estimated in Ketubah since the sums were recorded during the wedding and its value increased, and this right is worth money.

Serious mistakes may arise when the money is affected and the consequences are in accordance with the situation in which the couple is living (cheating, status of life, refusal to get a divorce, delaying a get, changing one’s lifestyle).
In Ketubah the Baal made various obligations to his wife. The date of payment of the written fee applies to the divorce or death of the husband. The sum of the Ketuba as the husband’s debt to his wife and after his death will apply to the estate, and the husband can not evade his obligation to prepare a will that will try to circumvent the ketubah payment.

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