Wills and inheritances

In the event that there is no will, the provisions of the inheritance law that determine how an inheritance will be divided are applied to the estate of a person. This division is rigid and may well not be compatible with the inherited will. It is reasonable to assume that a person wants to decide how his estate will be divided by the labor of many years’ labor, and / or in situations of complex families and / or accumulated property.

It is advisable not to leave because the estate will be divided according to the default set in the inheritance law and why?

Suppose a husband and wife have children and an apartment. If the father dies in the absence of a will, the inheritance will be divided as follows: half of the total common property reaches the woman 50%. Whereas half the property belonging to the husband would be divided into half for the woman and half for the children of the husband’s share. Therefore, the woman will have a 75% share in the apartment, while all the children will share 25% of the apartment, and the children may share their share in the apartment for cash and the woman may sell and leave the apartment against her will or alternatively pay the children their share in the husband’s inheritance. It is advisable to prevent this by making a will and the staff that the woman may live in the apartment until the end of her life and the husband’s estate will be distributed to the children only after the death of the woman and even the children can not demand a rent from the woman during this period.

As well as a widower, widower or divorced person who lives in a joint home with another spouse in another chapter of his life, if in the event that he does not leave a will, half of the property / estate will be transferred by law to the spouse who remains alive. Does not wish to bequeath his property to his / her spouse, it is necessary to make a will! By a lawyer who deals with family law in the field of wills and to properly prepare the will to fulfill the will of the deceased and to prevent loopholes that could lead to wars in judicial instances, and in complicated cases, consult tax experts so that the heirs will not have to pay unnecessarily.

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